Nikki Giovanni

Good Day parents and scholars!!

We’ve been working on Nikki Giovanni for the past 2 weeks. The final copy is due Monday, November 16th!

These graphic organizer choices were provided to scholars to help organize their ideas for the papers:

Nikki Giovanni Graphic Organizer2 and Nikki Giovanni Graphic Organizer.

The biography for Nikki Giovanni and her poetry that was provided to the students can be found here: Collection of Poems by Nikki Giovanni


You have read several poems by Nikki Giovanni. In each of the poems, the poet uses specific language choices to bring her experiences to life.

 Essay Prompt:

As you re-read the Nikki Giovanni poems, consider how the poet uses:

Specific words and phrases

  • Figurative language
  • Vivid verbs
  • concrete nouns
  • and tone

Nikki Giovanni brings her experiences to life through purposeful language choices. Write an essay that analyzes the effectiveness of her language choices across at least three poems. Include an explanation of the specific language choices she uses to bring her experiences to life. Cite strong and thorough evidence from at least three poems to support your analysis. Be sure to follow the conventions of standard written English.